April 24th 9PM

Had very lovely dinner cooked by Aiden, who constantly insists is a shit cook. Am glad he messaged as definitely think that no like him. Cannot wait to start new job. But first, cannot wait for holiday.

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April 24th 5PM

Am throwing little party tomorrow to celebrate new job. Weather is fantastic so think shall be a BBQ, especially now that have garden to BBQ in. Aiden, of course, shall be in charge of grilling as 1. Am disaster griller and 2. Will be making salads and playing perfect host. No glasses shall be empty. No plate shall be empty. Empty shall be very bad. Also have so many three for two Easter Eggs…

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Sippin’ on Sunshine.

'Where The Wicked Witch Lived.'

#OITNB #orangeisthenewblack #orangr #black #emotions #suicide

April 23rd

Am going to be world famous, jet setting journalist, best friend to celebrities far and wide. Aiden is over to celebrate. Start right after holiday. Is bloody marvellous. Am bloody ecstatic. Amy is coming over to stay for week while am away to look after Hercules. Think am going to miss that naughty little fucker.

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I want you, yeah I want you, I still do want you.

#exhausted #tired #sleepy #gay #blueyes

April 22nd

Aiden: How’re you, J?

Me: I’m OK thanks, U?

Aiden: Heard about your job. Thought I’d check in. Sorry 2 hear it. X

Me: Don’t be sorry. Am going to be world famous journalist.

Aiden: Good 4 U! Anything new happening? X

Me: Off on holiday, alone, in a week.

Aiden: Where was my invite?

Me: Wanna come?

Aiden: Have plans that week, sorry. X.

Me: Booo.

Aiden: Jokes! It’s a date. Send me the details!


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